Klima-Agence, your national partner for energy and climate

Klima-Agence assists you with your housing and sustainable mobility project: insulation of your home, sustainable construction, reduction of energy consumption, ecomobility.


Shaping our future together

We support all stakeholders of society in their commitment to climate action and the energy transition.


Our activities aim at reducing energy consumption, promoting renewable energies, sustainable housing and mobility as well as managing natural resources and implementing the circular economy.


Our multidisciplinary team uses its expertise to help and support individuals, municipalities, professionals and institutions, raise awareness with regard to our topics, suggest innovative approaches and provide functional communication tools.


Our organisation is supported by the government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, represented by the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Housing, in collaboration with the Chambre des Métiers (CDM) and the Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs-Conseils (OAI).


Klima-Agence assists you in the successful implementation of your project: insulation of your home, new construction, reduction of your energy consumption, technical installations based on renewable energies, purchase of electric vehicles and installation of charging stations.


Would you like to be assisted in your sustainable housing or sustainable mobility project?


Your personal Klima-Agence advice, neutral and free of charge.

Panneau photovoltaïque
Panneau photovoltaïque
Our team
Fenn Faber
Silvia Teixeira
Responsable du département «Administration»
François Colbach
Conseiller à la Direction
Chantal Kremer
Chargée administrative
Sarah Foetz
Chargée administrative
Mireille Everling
Bénédicte Zwerg
Responsable du département « Marketing & Communication »
Benoit Hocq
Chef de projets communication
Gabrielle Mantoan
Chargée de communication digitale
Sophie Scheider
Chargée de projets communication
Pascal Federspiel
Chargé de rédaction et conception
Pol Schons
Assistant projets communication et marketing
Fenn Faber
Gilbert Théato
Chef de projets
Yann Trausch
Chargé de projets
Myriam Seiter
Chargée de projet économie circulaire
Christiane Conrady
Responsable du département « Innovation », Conseillère à la Direction
Lyn Zwick
Chargée de projets
Julie Dupont
Chargée de projets
Sarah Juchems
Responsable du département « Conseil et implémentation opérationnelle »
Cátia Tavares
Assistante administrative
Andy Welter
Conseiller en transition énergétique durable
Gilles Lang
Conseiller en transition énergétique durable
Nina Weicherding
Conseillère en transition énergétique durable
Maurice Casel
Conseiller en transition énergétique durable
Lisa Maria Jungerwirth
Conseillère en transition énergétique durable
Martin Schmitt
Conseiller en transition énergétique durable
François Thissen
Conseiller en transition énergétique durable
Alexandre Lamberty
Conseiller en transition énergétique durable
Bruno Barboni
Responsable du département « Pactes avec les communes »
Marilu Jemming
Chargée de projets Pacte Climat
Filipe Dias de Oliveira
Chargé de projet Pacte Nature
Samuel Gillessen
Responsable du département « Entreprises »
Michel Paulus
Chargé de projets
André Degraux
Chargé de projets