What if a basic energy advice service... could help improve the energy efficiency of your home?

A neutral and free basic energy advice service will help you tackle the necessary steps to ensure that you can successfully renovate your home, build your new home, generate solar power, heat your home with renewable energies or switch to sustainable mobility. The energy advisor will also inform you about the different subsidies available to you.


For your energy renovation project, consider a home energy check: the Klima-Agence advisor will assess the thermal insulation of your home, analyse your heating system, discuss home ventilation, examine your thermal and electrical energy consumption and make suggestions on how to optimise your energy situation and implement the use of renewable energy.


This allows you to optimise your home to make it as comfortable and energy efficient as possible for future generations!


This service is financed by Klima-Agence and your municipality.


What information is included in the basic energy advice?

A Klima-Agence advisor will accompany you in your projects and provide you with information on the following points:

  • everyday energy savings;
  • the energy-efficient and sustainable renovation of existing residential buildings;
  • the new construction of energy-efficient and sustainable residential buildings;
  • the use of renewable energy sources (solar heating, photovoltaics, wood heating, heat pumps, etc.);
  • energy performance certificates;
  • electric mobility and other aspects related to sustainable mobility;
  • the terms of state financial support for the above-mentioned projects;
  • the various subsidies available from municipalities and third parties.


How can I benefit from a basic energy advice?


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If you require assistance, call us at 8002 11 90, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm (except on public holidays).


Depending on your project, we are at your disposal for advice at home, via video conference or via phone.