Construction site control for more energy efficiency - Checklist offer for municipal employees

In order to support municipal employees in checking the requirements for issuing a building permit, as well as in carrying out a construction site inspection, Klima-Agence offers a set of checklists entitled "Baukontrollen für mehr Energieeeffizienz". This offer consists of a folder containing four checklists. This practical support can be used in addition to existing internal approaches in the municipalities.

This toolbox should be considered a proposal and will be continuously developed in cooperation with the municipalities on the basis of their feedback.

The folder

The folder summarises the current regulatory framework for issuing building permits and conducting a construction site inspection.

The file also clearly summarises all of the important requirements of the annex to the amended Grand Ducal Regulation of the 09th of June 2021 on the energy performance of residential buildings. In addition, each parameter to be checked is explained with a short definition and a reference to the relevant section of the energy performance certificate calculation. The file thus serves as a reference guide to completing the attached checklists.

An extract of the results of the energy performance certificate calculation is provided as an example.

Checklist for issuing a building permit 

Monitoring energy requirements when issuing a building permit is covered by three checklists. Cases of new construction, building extensions and alterations are covered by the checklist. The case of conversion has not been addressed as this does not require a building permit.

The three checklists are designed to be identical and operate according to the same principle. Thus, for each checklist, the relevant requirements of the amended Grand Ducal Regulation should be checked and can be ticked off in the event of compliance. The requirements are divided into prerequisites, minimum energy requirements and other requirements. The completed form can then be added to the file.

Checklist for construction site inspections 

The checklist for construction site inspections refers to Circular No 3275 explaining the rights of the municipal administration concerning the monitoring of building sites in the context of energy performance. The manual guide Überprüfung der baupraktischen Umsetzung energetischer Anforderungen aus dem Energiepass is provided in the annex to this circular. The checklist is presented as an additional aid.

We can distinguish three phases when carrying out a site inspection; each phase has its own checklist. Each list contains the important characteristics to examine depending on the time of the inspection. These include, in particular:

  • the previous construction phase: inspection of elements in contact with the ground, visual inspection of the geothermal exchanger;
  • the intermediate construction phase: checking the façade, roof and windows and a visual inspection of the technical installation;
  • after completion: blower-door test, inspection of the sun protection system, and inspection of the technical installation.

Inspection of the construction elements can consist of a visual inspection, on-site measurements and/or inspection of the technical documents. Finally, comparison must be made with the energy performance certificate calculation. The measured values and requirements can be entered on this form and can be ticked off in the event of compliance. The completed form can later be added to the file.

Advantages of the checklists

  • Overview of the minimum requirements to be checked
  • Reference to the relevant sections of the energy performance certificate calculation
  • Practical checklist to support or complement internal procedures
  • Basic checklist for support in performing a construction site inspection

Checklist FAQs

Find all of the answers to your questions regarding checking the requirements for issuing a building permit and carrying out a construction site energy-efficiency inspection for residential buildings.