How to save energy at work?

Companies are invited to encourage their employees to actively participate in reducing their energy consumption on a daily basis through the following tips.


  • I try to rely on daylight as much as possible
  • I adjust the blinds accordingly
  • Instead of lighting the entire floor, I use a desk lamp if needed



  • I use the energy-saving modes of the computer equipment, e.g. standby mode, adjusting the display brightness, deactivating unnecessary functions
  • I try to limit the use of the copy machine. Every page not printed saves electricity and resources in general. I strive to work in a "paperless" manner



  • I keep the room temperature at a reasonable level. In the winter months, the temperature should be 20°C. Throughout the summer, the temperature may reach as high as 26°C.
  • I keep track of the room temperature using the thermometers provided by my employer.
  • I open the windows briefly to ventilate

Common areas

  • I am also committed to lowering energy consumption in common areas, such as meeting rooms, kitchens, sanitary facilities, and outdoors.
  • I will report any unnecessary waste of energy or drinking water to those responsible.




  • Along with my colleagues, I will seek the most efficient and optimal use of energy appliances, such as electric pallet trucks, cold storage rooms, manufacturing machines, air compressors, packing machines, etc.

Transportation and mobility

  • For work-related travel, I check with my superior whether I can use alternative means of transport, e.g. free public transport, company bicycles.
  • I try to organise joint trips with other employees whenever possible.




  • I talk to my supervisor about training opportunities to reduce resource consumption.