A simulation of my home's current energy situation

This intuitive tool offers a convenient and user-friendly simulation of my home's energy situation, helping me identify its potential for energy renovation. The Klima-Agence renovation simulator subsequently gives me the opportunity to plan my energy renovation project.

I always start with a simulation of my home's current energy situation by defining the parameters, such as its construction year, floor area, and the current level of insulation. I then identify what heating system I have in place, and any other technical installations, such as solar panels. This gives me a simulation of my home's current energy situation.

Planning my future renovation project

Let's move on to the virtual renovation phase! I can experiment with various energy improvement measures for my home, such as installing new windows, adding additional insulation, or replacing the heating system. The simulator shows me in real time how each modification impacts my energy, thermal and environmental performance. I can adapt various parameters to find the ideal combination for the overall energy efficiency of my home.

At the end of the simulation, I receive a full summary of my renovation project. This way I can keep a record of my reflections and potential improvements. It's also a practical way to share my ideas with professionals and keep a reference for future renovation projects.

I want to start my renovation simulation


The results of our simulator are based on the energy classes defined by the Grand-Ducal regulation on the energy performance of buildings. It is important to note that although the simulator is a useful resource, it does not replace the energy performance certificate drawn up by an approved expert.