The advantages of a well-insulated and ventilated home

Adding insulation to my home can help improve thermal comfort and reduce my heating bills.

Improving my indoor climate at home: increased thermal comfort and better ventilation

It is important to prevent home heat loss due to poorly insulated walls, roofs, windows, floors and ceilings or through any undetected gaps that let heat escape to the outside.

Properly insulating my home has an immediate impact on its thermal comfort and therefore my quality of life, all year round:

  • In winter, cold walls and draughty windows are common problems in poorly insulated homes. Thermal insulation helps reduce these discomforts and better protects my home against cold weather. Heat is spread more evenly; thermal comfort is improved.
  • In summer, warm weather can cause rooms to overheat. This is especially true for rooms situated below the roof. Insulating my roof and protecting my windows against the sun can prevent overheating.

It is equally important to ensure that my home is well-ventilated. Rather than having to frequently open windows, a ventilation unit automatically ventilates my home. Not only does it eliminate excess moisture and stale air, but it also recovers heat from stale air to warm up fresh air. By improving the ventilation in my home, I prevent mould from growing on my walls which improves the health of my whole family.

There are even more advantages to insulating and ventilating my home.



Saving energy and money

Insulating my home can help decrease my energy consumption, conserve energy resources and reduce my contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. The better my home insulation, the more climate action can I take and the more state subsidies can I receive.

In addition, some insulation materials are more environmentally friendly than others. I can therefore benefit from additional grants by choosing ecological or mineral insulation materials over fossil insulation materials.


Increasing the value of my property

Insulating or installing a home ventilation system constitute renovation measures. They therefore do not only increase the comfort and energy efficiency of my home, but also increase its quality and its property value.

The improved insulation and energy efficiency class are recorded on my Energy Passport. This document is required should I want to sell my property and records my home’s improved value in future property transactions.



Improving the acoustics of my home

Thermal insulation, particularly if it is achieved through the installation of higher quality windows, furthermore helps keep out undesirable noise.

A ventilation system accomplishes the same thing, while additionally filtering pollen and dust from the air.  



Preventing mould growth in my home

Yet another advantage a home ventilation system and a good insulation is that they prevent mould. Regularly renewing air and creating ideal humidity levels, considerably reduces the likelihood of mould growing in my home.

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