Increase in Klimabonus state subsidies for sustainable housing : overview of the recent adaptations (2023)

25/04/23 - News
Subsidies for your energy renovation or sustainable new construction project

At the beginning of the year, all renovation subsidies were increased to a maximum of 62.5% of the costs excluding VAT (previously the limit was 50% of the costs excluding VAT). The only exceptions to this are subsidies for energy consulting and support for individual renovation measures, which remain unchanged.

Here is an overview of the details:
Subsidies for sustainable heating systems

At the beginning of this year, the replacement bonus of a fossil heating system for a sustainable alternative was increased from 30 % to 50 %. This applies to orders placed between 1.11.2022 and 31.12.2023 and to invoices issued by 31.12.2025 at the latest.

Furthermore, the technical requirements for air-to-water and ground-source heat pumps have been amended.

Here are the details of the technical adjustments:
Subsidies for electricity production

If you chose to consume the electricity produced by your photovoltaic system yourself (" auto-consumption benefit " option) or if you are part of an energy community, you can benefit from the increase in subsidies from the beginning of 2023. The financial support for the installation of a photovoltaic system can now be received up to a maximum of 62.5% of the cost excluding VAT (previously the maximum was 50% of the cost excluding VAT). The order must be placed between 1.1.2023 and 31.12.2023.

Here are the details at a glance: