Integration of charging stations into the ChargyOK system

Even today, it is possible to integrate publicly accessible charging stations into the ChargyOK network so that the charging stations can access the central backend and thus the Chargy system's range of functionalities. However, a number of criteria must be met to allow integration into the ChargyOK.


Please note that integration into the ChargyOK network is a mandatory prerequisite to receive a state subsidy for charging infrastructure installed by a private company on public parking facilities owned by municipalities or the state.

  • Controlled access to the charging infrastructure for customers via the usual service providers (mobility service provider - fournisseur de service de charge) with charging cards and ad-hoc payment
  • Almost any foreign charging card can be used through the Chargy system and its connection to eRoaming platforms
  • Access to Chargy backend and its functionalities
  • The municipality can operate the charging stations effortlessly
  • Chargy and established providers offer technical support (IT and call centre)
  • Less flexibility in design, functionalities and price structure
  • The municipality has to organise the installation of the charging station itself
  • The municipality is responsible for technical maintenance of the charging stations



Chargy network operator


Auxiliary resources

Key steps
1. Decision
2. Use and accessibility
3. Commissioning
4. Maintenance