Ecomobility: I commute more responsibly to help protect the climate

I find out more before buying an electric vehicle

Before any project, I find out about the mobility solutions available to me.


1.    To find out more about the electric vehicles available on the Luxembourg market, compare CO2 emissions and costs of all types of engines, I consult the comparison platform! This way I can make up my own mind about the vehicle I'm considering buying, taking into account its engine, its economic cycle, its comparisons, as well as its life, maintenance, purchase, fuel and tax costs, etc.


2.    I contact my Klima-Agence advisor to understand the solutions available to me. My advisor explains to me how the electric vehicle is part of a wider mobility chain, complementing public transport, carpooling and active mobility. He also answers all my questions about the life cycle, the ecological footprint and the battery of my future electric vehicle.


3.    Before buying, I find out about the state and municipal subsidies and the energy suppliers available to me.

Find out about subsidies

4.    Once I have made up my mind, I can speak to dealers more easily.

I would like to have a charging station installed at home

In addition to the public or company charging methods, I can have a charging station installed at home for more convenience.


5.    I would like to find out about the models of charging stations available on the Luxembourg market to see what is suitable for my situation and whether I can benefit from Klimabonus state subsidies. Klima-Agence provides me with an online practical tool to determine the most appropriate model. I can then more easily discuss my project with my qualified installer.

Compare the available charging stations 

6.    I enquire about state subsidies from Klimabonus, municipal subsidies and energy suppliers to find out what I can get for my future installation. 


Find out about subsidies


7.    On the Klima-Agence website I find information about charging electric vehicles. I get information about charging methods, times and instructions.


8.    In order for me to be able to plan the installation of my home charging station correctly, a few steps must be respected:

For a single-family house
In a residential building (New Construction)
Existing building