The steps to produce clean electricity in a community

When organising my participation in or creation of an energy cooperative, I follow the key steps to make my project a success.

Steps to follow to create an energy cooperative
Step 1: I find partners, allies and a roof
Step 2: Together we develop a common concept
Step 3: We find out about attractive feed-in tariffs
Step 4: We start the practical work
Step 5: We organise the routine management
Associated documents

For the creation of or participation in a cooperative, Klima-Agence provides model statutes for the creation of a cooperative or civil company, as well as a comparative table of these two legal forms and a model contract for the rental of roofs. Klima-Agence also provides information on the technical basics of a photovoltaic installation and the most frequently asked questions about energy cooperatives and civil companies for the production of electricity.