Simulate, renovate! Discover our new renovation simulator and participate in the competition!

02/04/24 - News

Introducing our latest simulation tool to help you plan your renovation project.

To expand our consulting services and accompany you in your efforts to improve the energy situation of your home, we are proud to introduce our latest innovation: the renovation simulator!

This intuitive tool offers a convenient and user-friendly simulation of your home's current energy situation, helping you identify its potential for energy renovation. The Klima-Agence renovation simulator subsequently gives you the opportunity to plan your energy renovation project, identifying the various measures you could take to improve the efficiency of your home. In real time you are shown the impact of each potential modification and provided with a suggested ideal optimisation for your specific situation. 
At the end of the simulation, you are also provided with a full summary of your renovation project, allowing you to keep a record of your reflections and potential improvements.

To celebrate the launch, we are hosting a competition, giving a financial contribution of up to a maximum of 500€ either for the purchase of a balcony power plant or for an energy advisory session carried out by a certified energy advisor. To participate, simply complete a full simulation on the renovation simulator and submit the feedback form at the end of the last page. 

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