The advantages of heating with renewable energies

I choose the sun, wind, water or heat from the ground to heat independently and in an eco-friendly way.

Why should I heat with renewable energies?

The use of renewable energy is an environmentally friendly way to independently and sustainably generate energy. Renewable energies, also known as regenerative energies, are available in unlimited quantities in the form of wind and sunshine, water and geothermal heat.



Heating with clean, inexhaustible energies

Renewable energy sources are virtually inexhaustible. Air-to-water heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and wood heating are sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels and their environmentally harmful impacts.



Reducing my ecological footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions

By heating my home with renewable energies, I contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and reduce my ecological footprint. Through my heating choices, I can take climate action and protect the planet. Fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas, etc.) release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which causes global warming.



Benefitting from more cost-effective energy sources and strengthen my security of supply

Fossil energy sources, such as gas and oil, are only available in limited quantities and take millions of years to regenerate. In addition, their world market prices are subject to frequent fluctuations. The use of renewable energies helps reduce expensive imports of fossil fuels and also promotes a sustainable supply of energy.


Therefore, heating with renewable energies helps me benefit from a better security of supply.

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