Neighbourhood visit in Differdange: Renovating the home in harmony with the architecture of the 60s and 80s

25/10/23 - News

Last Wednesday, 18 October, the second neighbourhood visit took place as part of "zesumme renovéieren", the project for the energy-efficient renovation of residential buildings in Differdange. The guided tour led through the Cité Sicon and the Cité Breitfeld in Oberkorn, focusing on energy renovation in harmony with the existing architecture.

During the tour through the neighbourhoods, the architect of the municipality, Manuel Lopes, explained the history of housing construction in the 1960s and pointed out the horizontality of the façades in the Cité Sicon, which is the character of this housing estate. The Cité Breitfeld, on the other hand, is characterised by mansard roofs and façades rich in detail.

The roughly 20 participants were not only made aware of the architectural components of the settlements, but the energy consultant of the Cité Sicon also showed that it is possible to insulate the façade and still retain the characteristic window bands. A project participant in the Cité Sicon expressed satisfaction at having found interesting offers for façade insulation as part of the project. In the Cité Breitfeld, the energy consultant explained how to improve the energy efficiency of the façade in combination with a mansard roof.

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and with experts in order to jointly find solution approaches for their own energy renovation project.