The advantages of ecomobility

Ecomobility means choosing sustainable modes of transport to reduce harmful emissions and protect our planet.


Zero- or low-emission vehicles emit no or very low CO2 emissions and pollutants. As they are also cheaper to run than internal combustion engines, they offer considerable advantages, especially for everyday use.

Opting for eco-mobility means changing my everyday travel habits and choosing soft and electric mobility solutions that allow me to reduce my impact on the environment. Over the course of a day, I use public transport, cycle and walk. What matters most is finding a combination that works for me.

As one solution for the energy and travel challenges of tomorrow, eco-mobility should not be overlooked. That is why I am doing my part today.

  • Bicycles, whether electric or not, are not only free of CO2 emissions, but they are also one of the cheapest and fastest means of transport for short distances. Thanks to my mKaart, I can store my bike in one of the mBoxes available in Luxembourg. mBoxes are conveniently located close to public transport hubs.
  • Public transport: By taking the bus, tram or train, I can reduce my ecological footprint, avoid traffic jams and save money in the process.
  • Carpooling: On average, cars with over 250,000 empty seats arrive in Luxembourg City every day. Carpooling allows me to share a vehicle with other commuters. This not only saves costs and decreases greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduces road congestion and traffic jams.
  • Electric mobility is both innovative and efficient: the electric car is an environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transport. Thanks to the over 700 Chargy charging stations in the country, I can easily charge my vehicle in public places.

Visit the geoportal to find the nearest charging station: