I benefit from nature. Nature should benefit from me too.

Managing property sustainably to protect biodiversity

Sandra and Jeff own a pedagogical farm and a sprawling piece of land: the farm they live in and work includes more than 100 hectares of land, a large piece of forest and farm buildings.

Producing clean energy with solar panels

Klimabonus is a great opportunity for Sandra and Jeff to implement sustainable woodland management and to install photovoltaic panels on their barns. This will allow them to produce and use electricity from a renewable energy source.


Basically, Sandra is a pragmatic woman grounded in reality. There is little time for romantic transfiguration in the agricultural business, but she knows that she is dependent on nature and that the climate also has a direct influence on her life. Her large barn roofs are perfect for photovoltaic panels, and in the end, it pays off not only for the environment.

Sandra: producing solar energy and managing forest property
Renewable energies
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