I want to make the most of the house I inherited.

Klimabonus: making renovation projects feasible 

Kimberly is a young woman who lives in a small terraced house in Esch, which she inherited from her mother. Kimberly and her boyfriend are a household of middle-income earners: she works as an educator and teaches karate to young children and her partner works for a municipality.  


Insulating your home to reduce heating costs and improve your quality of life

Kimberly wants to make her house more comfortable and wishes to save on energy bills when heating during the colder months. Her house is fairly old and needs quite a lot or work; the first thing she plans on doing is to insulate her roof and cellar ceiling.

She found out that there are Klimabonus subsidies that could be used to help pay for the thermal insulation of her house’s roof and basement ceiling.


Pre-financing your renovation project

Furthermore, she has the possibility to take advantage of a “Klimaprêt” climate loan, which would help her get the necessary money to invest in these insulations.

Kimberly: renovating a home, investing in your future
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